Beeing hives were made especially for urban beekeeping: secure, easy and interactive

Bees in the city, away from agricultural pesticides

In the city, bees can live peacefully away from all the harmful pesticides used in agriculture. Urban beekeeping is a global movement that aims to protect bees, without exploiting them as an intensive production tool,

Secure and complies with regulations

We have designed b-box to be simple, easy and in accordance with current regulations. The fireplace increases safety and places the exit of the bees to more than two meters as required by national regulations.

Watch the video to see how the b-box works

Beeing has designed b-boxes for the city: it is designed for a small garden, a rooftop or a balcony.

B-box allows bees to live in an environment made of high quality materials. The transparent walls allow you to observe the bees at work without disturbing or scaring them.

Thanks to the Beeing technology you can collect honey without disturbing the bees in total safety, without wearing a mask or gloves. All thanks to the system that separates the area where the bees live from that in which the honey is deposited. B-box has been designed to be in harmony with nature.


Safety is a priority for our b-box.
The Beeing team designed every detail of the b-box hive with maximum safety in mind for people and children who observe bees or work and play around the hive. The fireplace and all the technical features are designed and tested for a simple and safe coexistence of everyone; people and bees. Transparent walls and innovative tools allow you to observe bees and extract honey without shaking or disturbing their work.

The only point of entry and exit from the hive for bees is located 2.20 m from the ground.

Remember, bees are non-domesticated animals, so it is beneficial to know them in order to understand them better. The autonomy of the bees allows an easy and less demanding management. B-box’s priority is bee health instead of intensive honey production.


Our honey harvesting system allows you to easily separate the environment where bees deposit honey from that of which they live in . It does not require protective clothing for the extraction of honey and does not mistreat bees because it avoids crushing them during the collection process.

The dimensions of the b-box have been studied in order to allow you to extract only the excess honey, leaving enough to your bees! Always remember that honey is their nourishment and represents their stocks for cold periods.


Small flat? No garden in sight?
Beekeeping is no longer just for those with large spaces but also for those who have a small garden, a balcony or a rooftop!
B-box requires less than 1 meter of space and adapts to all environments. Join the urban beekeeping movement.

B-box has been designed to comply with national urban beekeeping regulations.


The whole family can observe bees through the transparent walls of the b-box!
Watch them work, build wax cells and fill them with honey.
Every day something different happens … observe them closely in total safety. B-box is perfect for children, to educate them to understand and respect a special and important animal – the bee. Bees, like all pollinators, are fundamental for the agri-food chain!

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allows you to let bees out at flight height, thus avoiding having bees around the hive, making the observation area safe.


it is transparent and allows you to protect the bees and observe the progress of the honey collection at the same time.

Honeycomb frames

the honey collection frames are the spaces where the bees will build the wax cells to deposit honey. Extracting them is easy and safe! They offer you the right amount of honey, ready to enjoy.

honey harvesting system

it is the heart of our b-box: just activate it with a simple movement of the lever to separate the honeycomb frames from the nest. When activated, the honeycombs will be isolated, leaving the bees in their nest. It will therefore be possible to extract honey in total safety and have it ready for you to consume.


Bees live in this area, you can watch them work by removing the wooden panels positioned on the transparent walls.


the body of the hive is made of wood designed and worked to stay outside, the transparent walls make the bees observable.

Products from the hive


Rich in proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, beneficial fatty acids, carbohydrates and bioflavonoids that are anti-viral, antibacterial and useful for lowering cholesterol, stabilizing and strengthening capillaries.
It helps to rejuvenate the body, stimulates the organs, improves vitality and accelerates recovery rates.


can be used to make candles, reusable cloth films to keep food fresh and is a natural protector for skin while allowing it to breathe, which makes it amazing for natural beauty products.

Royal jelly

it contains a high concentration of vitamins B5, B6 and amino acids; it is believed to be a powerful antioxidant and a special rejuvenating substance that helps with tissue growth, muscle and cell regeneration.


rich in proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, beneficial fatty acids, carbohydrates and bioflavonoids that are anti-viral, antibacterial and useful for lowering cholesterol, as well as stabilizing and strengthening capillaries. It helps to rejuvenate the body, stimulates our organs, improves vitality and accelerates recovery rates.


is the first alcoholic drink produced by men, even before wine or beer. It can help fight antibiotic resistant pathogens. Mead in ancient times was considered a powerful and effective medicine and was associated with strength, health and longevity.

Bees bread

it is the main food source for most larvae and bees. It is given to all larvae except those selected to become queens. Made up of all essential amino acids, high in vitamins, especially vitamin K, enzymes and flavanoids – bee bread is composed of pollen mixed with pieces of honey, beeswax and digestive enzymes from bees and is known to be useful in the treatment of anemia, hepatitis, insomnia, stress, memory failure, cholesterol and digestive disorders.