Beeing hives are made especially for urban beekeeping: safe, simple and interactive


Beeing has designed b-boxes for the city: they are designed for a small garden, a rooftop or a balcony.

The b-box allows bees to live in an environment made of high quality materials. The transparent walls allow you to observe the bees at work without disturbing or scaring them.

Thanks to our Beeing technology you can collect honey in total safety – without wearing a beekeeping suit or gloves and without disturbing the bees. All thanks to the system that separates the area where the bees live from that in which the honey is deposited. The b-box has been designed to be in harmony with nature.

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We have designed the b-box to be simple, easy and in accordance with current Italian regulations*. The “chimney” increases safety and places the exit of the bees more than two meters above the ground,as required by Italian regulations.

*We advise you to check your country’s local regulations about keeping bees.


In the city, bees can live peacefully away from all the harmful pesticides used in intense farming. Urban beekeeping is a global movement that aims to protect bees, without exploiting them as an intensive production tool.

Join the movement with us!


allows you to let bees out at flight height, thus avoiding having bees around the hive, making the observation area safe.


they are transparent and allow you to protect the bees and observe the progress of the honey collection at the same time.

honeycomb frames

the honey collection frames are the spaces where the bees will build wax cells to deposit honey. Extracting them is easy and safe! They offer you the right amount of honey each time, ready to enjoy.

honey harvesting system

it is the heart of our b-box: just activate it with a simple pull of a lever to separate the honeycomb frames from the nest. When activated, the honeycombs will be isolated, leaving the bees in their nest. It will therefore be possible to extract honey in total safety and have it ready for you to consume.


bees live in the area below – you can watch them work by removing the wooden panels positioned on the transparent walls.


the b-box is designed and wood worked in Italy. A combination of a beautiful design and utility. 


Safety is a priority for our b-box.
The Beeing team designed every detail of the b-box hive with maximum safety in mind for people and children who observe bees or work and play around the hive. The fireplace and all the technical features are designed and tested for a simple and safe coexistence of everyone; people and bees. Transparent walls and innovative tools allow you to observe bees and extract honey without shaking or disturbing their work.

The only point of entry and exit from the hive for bees is located 2.2 meters from the ground.

Remember, bees are non-domesticated animals, so it is beneficial to know them in order to better care for them. The autonomy of the bees allows an easy and less demanding management. The b-box’s priority is bee health instead of intensive honey production. 



Our honey harvesting system allows you to easily separate the environment where bees deposit honey from that of which they live in . It’s not required to wear protective clothing for the extraction of honey and the process does not mistreat bees because it avoids crushing them during the collection process.

The dimensions of the b-box have been studied in order to allow you to extract only the excess honey – leaving enough for your bees! Always remember that honey is their nourishment and represents their stocks for cold periods.



Small flat? No garden in sight?
Beekeeping is no longer just for those with large spaces but also for those who have a small garden, a balcony or a rooftop!
The b-box requires less than 1 square meter of space and adapts to all environments. Join the urban beekeeping movement.

The b-box has been designed to comply with Italian urban beekeeping regulations.



The whole family can observe bees through the transparent walls of the b-box!
Watch them work, build wax cells and fill them with honey.
Every day something different happens … observe them closely in total safety. The b-box is perfect for children, to educate them to understand and respect a special and important animal – the bee. Bees, like all pollinators, are fundamental for the agri-food chain!

Our Happy Clients!

[These pictures] are exactly why we got a b-box. This is my son, David, and my grand-daughter, Zoë, being fascinated by the bees 🐝  (and being safe)
- James & Susan, UK
 Our bees are doing fine. The original ten thousand are all dead by now. Bees only live five to six weeks. I am guessing that we now have about twice as many bees as we had in the hive end of April. The picture shows our bees coming to and from work.
- Wolf Krebs, USA
The bees seem to love their new house. I do not have to do much, they are taking great care of themselves on their own.
- Jacopo Bellotti, Italy

Two available packages

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can be used to make candles, reusable cloth films to keep food fresh and is a natural protector for skin while allowing it to breathe, which makes it amazing for natural beauty products.

royal jelly

it contains a high concentration of vitamins B5, B6 and amino acids; it is believed to be a powerful antioxidant and a special rejuvenating substance that helps with tissue growth, muscle and cell regeneration.


rich in proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, beneficial fatty acids, carbohydrates and bioflavonoids that are antiviral, antibacterial and useful for lowering cholesterol, as well as stabilizing and strengthening capillaries. It helps to rejuvenate the body, stimulates our organs, improves vitality and accelerates recovery rates.


is the first alcoholic drink produced by men, even before wine or beer. It can help fight antibiotic resistant pathogens. Mead in ancient times was considered a powerful and effective medicine and was associated with strength, health and longevity.

bee bread

it is the main food source for most larvae and bees. It is given to all larvae except those selected to become queens. Made up of all essential amino acids, high in vitamins, especially vitamin K, enzymes and flavonoids. Bee bread is composed of pollen mixed with honey, beeswax and digestive enzymes from bees and is known to be useful in the treatment of anemia, hepatitis, insomnia, stress, memory failure, cholesterol and digestive disorders. 


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Is the b-box suitable for schools or homes with children and pets?

Many of our customers have never kept bees before. The b-box team focused on making the hive as safe as possible.

Unlike traditional beehives, the b-box has a special “chimney” that allows bees to enter and exit the hive 2.2 meters above the ground.

The whole family can approach and observe the hive without disturbing the bees and without the need to wear protective clothing during observation and honey collection.

Since the bees are not domesticated animals, you have to learn their language to better understand them and avoid making them feel like they’re in danger. They could see shaking the hive as a threatening gesture – this could scare them and force them to protect themselves by stinging.

Are there any legal restrictions?

For Italian users: 
You can find the link of the official document below:

In Article 8 the distances are regulated by:
“The apiaries must be located not less than ten meters from public transit roads and not less than five meters from the borders of public or private properties. Compliance with the distances referred to in the first paragraph is not mandatory if there are differences in height of at least two meters between the apiary and the places indicated therein or if walls, hedges or other suitable shelters are interposed, without continuity solutions. passage of bees. These guards must have a height of at least two meters. However, agreements between interested parties are reserved. “

The chimney exit is more than the 2 meters high, but in any case it is good to inquire if your municipality has more restrictive indications by calling the veterinary ASL..

For International users:
A lot of countries have similar laws to that of Italy regarding this issue, but we suggest you check with your local legislations to be 100% sure.

Does the b-box come with the bees?

Beeing does not supply bees. A local beekeeper can provide you bees, help you with the installation and follow you over time to gain experience in managing the bees.

Don’t worry if you don’t know a trusted beekeeper, we are happy to help you in your search and guide you in the right direction.

Do I need to be an experienced beekeeper to get started?​

You do not have to have prior experience in order to get started with the b-box, since it is made to make getting into beekeeping much easier by being more user friendly.  We do suggest to enroll in beekeeping courses or read up on beekeeping before getting started! 

Won't the light harm the bees?

With our hive, the transparent walls are normally covered with a wooden cover. We worked with a lot of researcher who have concluded that bees aren’t actually afraid of bright habitats, but they associate dark places with safety. Since there aren’t any “transparent walls” in nature, they stick with darkness in the wild. 

How do you know if you're taking the right amount of honey?

We suggest to leave some honey for the bees to eat as well, so we measured and constructed our hive in a way that bees have enough food. When you take the honey from the honeycomb area, you won’t be taking too much. 

How long do the hive materials last?

The hive is made out of wood with a layer of water based wood stain. We suggest giving it another couple of layers of wood stain to prolong the life of your hive. Just like any other wood – it would need to be painted every 2 years. 

Do I need a big property to be able to have the b-box?

The b-box is ideal for smaller spaces and urban environments because it requires only 1 square meter of space. So even if you don’t have a large yard, the b-box will still work properly. Bees have a fairly wide range (up to 5 km) when looking for food, so as long as there are parks or lush gardens in your area your bees will be very happy!

In any case it is good to always check if there are particular restrictions in the place where you want to install the b-box.

How do you do hive inspections?

The b-box can be opened up just like any other hive – you can get in there and give the bees a thorough check up. Simple things like swarm growth can also be seen from the transparent walls.

How do you deal with swarming?

Since the hive can be opened up, you can deal with swarming the traditional way – by removing queen cells, or letting them swarm! You can also add a honey super in between the upper and lower part of the hive for extra space. 

What are the frame sizes?

The hive fits both the Dadant and Langstroth frames. The top bar can be a maximum of 48.5 and a minimum of 45.5 cm in length.

Can bees live in the city?

Yes, bees can also live in an urban context. The massive use of pesticides that is done in intensive agricultural areas has made beekeeping almost impractical. On the contrary, in an urban context, the use of pesticides is very limited and bees manage to find a comfortable shelter in the city.

It is important to find an adequate space, installation in the garden or on a rooftop is recommended in order to disturb them as little as possible.

How do I get the bees?

You have two options – you can get the b-box with training and bees and we will take care of everything by providing you a local beekeeping who will provide you the bees with a little bit of extra training. If you decide to get the b-box alone, you would have to contact your local beekeeper or beekeeping association to ask them if they offer bees. The best time to start and get bees would be early spring (when the weather gets warmer).


What should I do during the winter?

Before winter approaches, you should give them a checkup to make sure they have enough honey deposits to get them through the winter. If they have very little honey, we recommend placing sugar feed on top of the metal net at the top of the hive – so they do not have to climb up top to feed themselves, but instead just eat through the mesh.

During the winter period open the hive as seldom as possible, if not at all. Since the bees keep the inside of the hive warm with their movements, opening the hive on a very cold day could cause serious problems for the colony.

Can I use the hive without the "chimney"?

The chimney is in place to respect some limitations that are present in urban centers in terms of distances to be maintained if you own a beehive. If you have the possibility to place it at least 5 meters away from a neighbor or if you have a divider (bush, wall …) more than 2 meters high, you can install the b-box without the “chimney”. Using the “chimney” can reduce the amount of honey produced as more energy is required by the bees to get out of the b-box in order to get their nectar and pollen.

Two available packages


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