The first hive designed specifically for urban beekeeping

Simple, safe and urban friendly

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What does this package include?

  • the b-box
  • assembly video
  • bees on 4 frames
  • introduction of bees
  • 3 hive health checkups
  • mini training course

The b-box comes in 3 boxes with pieces that need to be assembled. 
Assembly is very simple, since we also provide a step by step video tutorial that explains how to put the b-box together. Since the parts are made out of wood, 
you should treat the material appropriately. We suggest using a water based sealer that has the least chemicals to not harm the bees – remember that it’s going to be a permanent house for your new guests! 

Once you have protected the hive with a sealer, you can paint the hive whatever color you like! Check out the different colored hives at the bottom of the page. 

Once  you have assembled and painted the b-box, let us know and we will send you a contact of our partner beekeeper. Together you can decide on the best position to place the b-box. The beekeepers will also help you carry out the installation of the bees – this operation, although simple, is to be done by a person who knows how to handle bees to avoid unpleasant inconveniences.

In the following months, the beekeeper will give you and your bees a visit at regular intervals to check on the health of the colony in order to guarantee its well-being. This will also be a great opportunity for you to approach the world of beekeeping and ask any questions you may have about the bees and how to take care of them.

This package includes up to 3 visit, but you are free to arrange the meetings with the beekeeper by yourself – whenever both you and the beekeeper want.

When it comes to the production of honey, it varies with the surrounding environment and the season. Normally you can harvest 20-30kg of honey per season, but if the conditions are favorable, the bees can produce up to 150 kg! It also depends on the size of your colony.

A spontaneous video from our customers

Join us in the world of beekeeping with the b-box

Some b-box design variations